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David Shepard
"JConsulting enabled us to realize our goals"
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24/7 Client Support
Building 24/7 online support capabilities ranging from full account access to live
support interaction.
A company that is always in tune with current technology and well positioned to take full advantage of integrating and delivering viable new solutions for our clients in a timely fashion.
A company that is always researching the path less traveled in search of opportunities that will drive growth for our clients.
Client Driven
A company that realizes that it is non-existent without its' clients and is committed to protecting its' integrity at all times in order to gain and maintain client trust.
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Here at JConsulting we offer you big business consulting solutions at small business prices.
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JConsulting was established in May of 1998.
Founded by current Chairman and CEO, Jason Mander, JConsulting is the meeting place for small-sized companies and big business consulting.